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Another trip to Montreal 
12:58pm 25/05/2008
mood: sleepy
It's been too damned long since an update has been entered here. It's not really even that we haven't gone anywhere, we just haven't been up to posting as soon as we get home and once some time passes, the urge to write about it is gone. The last time I posted here was when we went to Canada last year, and I really did a terrible job of it. Well...
Olivia and I headed up to Montreal last weekend for the Kinetik Music Festival. This was our second trip to the city, and I have to say that it's a fantastic place. The city's vibe is somewhere between New York and San Francisco, if you can picture that. There's a lot of Euro-style architecture and it seems to always be hopping. This year, since we went later in the spring, there were tourists everywhere, checking the place out. If you ever go, the one and only spot that you MUST VISIT is Montreal Pool Room on St. Laurent. This is a 24 hour diner whose specialty is poutine. They don't even have a pool table in the place. The guy behind the counter doesn't really speak English, as Olivia discovered last year at 4 am, when we drunkenly stumbled in and she asked for a cheeseburger. "Cheeseburger no. Poutine?" was his reply. Well, how about a hotdog? "Poutine?" Umm... poutine. If you don't know what poutine is, Google it. It sounds like a disgusting version of Jersey's disco fries, but is, in fact, awesome junk food. It didn't amaze me the first time I tasted it, but I think that's because I was sober. For this trip, I didn't stay that way much.
So, we headed up on Friday, and it rained for almost the entire trip. It actually stopped just before we got to the border and we were passed through with no problems, unlike some folks I know. We'd brought a bottle of vodka and a bottle of wine, each under a liter as is allowed, but weren't even asked if we had anything to declare. The only thing I was asked was whether we had any weapons in the car. Since my razor-sharp wit was my only armament I replied "no" and we were promptly passed through. After only a little arguing over translating roadsigns, we made it to the hotel around 6:15ish and met the Brutsquad that preceded us there; Dominico, Phil, Jackie, Bobbie, her friend Herman, and her boytoy for the weekend Rocky. Dominico, Phil, and Jackie were to be our roommates for the weekend, and they helped us drag our stuff upstairs to our room. Which was right next to the room we stayed in last year, which was kinda cool. We started unpacking our stuff, when Olivia realized that the AC didn't work in the room. Wunderbar. A quick call to the front desk got us moved to a new room. The same one we were in last year. No problems there. So, we started drinking.
We were joined by a few more friends, and friends of friends, had a few to get started and then walked the 15-or-so blocks to the venue, Usine C, to go to the festival. Usine was a cool place, with three usable floors. The upstairs area was taken up by overpriced vendors, the middle was where the performance space (which was gigantic) was, and there was a bar downstairs, where our only choices were whiskey, vodka, and rum. Mixers were soda, orange juice, and cranberry juice. Not much of a bar. But, at least the drinks weren't terribly overpriced. Now, I know a bunch of bands played, but the only one that sticks in my mind at all is Funker Vogt, and I was actually a bit disappointed in them. They weren't terrible, but I was hoping for a lot more. After the show we made our way back to the room and crashed out.
On Saturday we woke up and went our separate ways. Olivia, Phil, and I wandered down Rue Ste Catherine to find food. St. Cat's is a cool lace to hang out. There's a wide selection of little shops and restaurants to choose from, and also a lot of sex shops. We hit up a little Lebanese joint and each got too much food for under $8 each. After wandering around for a bit we hit up the super market and liquor store and headed back to our room.
Part 2, in which there are jaeger bombs, broken beds, and mosh pits will come later.

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04:01pm 06/04/2007
mood: hungry
Well, we got up late in the morning and got some junk food for breakfast/lunch. Since this is my first time in Canada, I had to get the poutine. It was actually quite good, but I must say that it doesn't compare with Jersey cheese fries w/gravy on the side. Worth trying. One warning, though. Don't get pizza in Montreal. Soon, I hope to try a smoked meat sammich. Heh... smoked meat...

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02:07am 06/04/2007
mood: drained
Well, we made it to Montreal. I'm actually quite disappointed in myself for being exhausted, since the city's still jumping at 2am. I will now be going to sleep, where I will not have to try to figure out what everything says. In my dreams, everything is not written in French. EVERYTHING'S in FRENCH!!!

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Are we ready to go again? 
12:09pm 03/04/2007
mood: cheerful
After speaking to a couple of people about our impending 8 hour drive to Montreal this weekend for C.O.M.A. 4. , decided we can document this in Have Sword, Have Travel. Although considering Canada won't allow us to bring in a sword and Carlotta died and was replaced by Heidi, the escort. (GET IT?) So yea, photos of the new car, the maps and a new set up for the profile. Excited? I am too!

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Lying around in mah underpants feels so good. 
02:47pm 20/05/2005
mood: sore
Apologies about being MIA, but I write this from my ancestral apartment in Union City, NJ. We actually got home yesterday afternoon and we were promptly kidnapped by phil_quota to see Star Wars: George Lucas's high school play. I have many pics to post but I'm so not about to try and attempt to do it over dial-up. For some reason the wireless capabilites on our compy hasn't been working since we left Cali. Quite frustrating, we couldn't get online from Vegas all the way to Jersey, which really put a damper on a lot of stuff. So I'm gonna go back to sleep now, while John actually goes home for the first time in 3 months. Then later, I guess I'm gonna have to go back to Circuit City to see WTF is wrong cause I have to cancel aol the last day of the month.

Then tonight, hopefully the drunken celebrations will begin? There's already been welcome home party planning done before we got here. I feel so loved!


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Home again, home again, jiggedy-jig 
08:42am 18/05/2005
mood: lethargic
Well, we're back in the Garden State. We decided to stop at nekotenshi's place on the way back since we were passing by. We crashed here last night and I think we're going to Shampoo with her tonight. Now I'm just relaxing, since I drove 3000 miles in 4 1/2 days. We've got geek stuff for y'all from Joisey.

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Jesus Fucking Christ!!! 
08:22pm 14/05/2005
mood: exhausted
We're in Amarillo, TX at a really nice motel/hotel with an indoor pool. I think they fashioned it out of a plane bunker. Once again the moron drove all night, so technically we left Vegas, which was severely disappointing, at like 3pm yesterday and got here at 12pm...with two time zone changes sometime between. We stopped in Flagstaff to hang out with the people we couchsurfed there last time. It was a nice relaxing time chilling at Barnes and Nobles...

I slept about 4-5 hrs, but I'm starving so off to the Waffle House I go.

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To Sin City Once Again 
04:07pm 11/05/2005
mood: excited
I made the reservations at the Sahara, right off of the Vegas Blvd Strip for tonight and tomorrow. $50 bucks a night plus tax, and a gorgeous Mediterranean themed pool. Oh god this is gonna be good, now if only I wasn't having severe allergy attacks.

We're heading home, hopefully not permanently. We met a lot of nice people and a lot of crazies on the way. Let's hope the route home is as memorable.

We have enough anime and enough new music to shake a stick at thanks to gangrel_83 and rivetkitten. dreamerdivine we are about to work on your magnet and there should be enough Pacific Ocean for everyone. If you want Romulan Ale, from the Star Trek Experience you have to call me today or tomorrow or friday early(my time) and realize that it's $15 a 6 pack. They sell seperately and it's prolly cheaper, I honestly don't remember, but you WILL pay me for this if you want it. John and I are picking up a pack for ourselves and my mother. You can either paypal me or give it to me when I give it to you, but I will get paid. :p

Other than that, I'll see you sooner or later. You'll have to text me or call me to keep in touch prolly. I think internet costs $10 a day I might do it so I can finish my torrents in Vegas :D

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WAGONS... east! 
01:57am 11/05/2005
mood: hopeful
Alright, I think we're heading back eastward. Depending on what weather's like tomorrow, we may head to the beach one last time or head out. As of now I'm thinking we're gonna' drive pretty-much straight through across 40, maybe stop by my sister's for a day, and then up 95 (that's the Turnpike to you Jersey-ites). We'll find out. Wish us luck, and pray for Carlotta's continued health as we cross the no-man's land that is Texas and the South. I must say, the thing I look forward to the most is a good pizza and some White Mana burgers. Oh yeah, and going to a club where the people don't all rave.
Any souvenir requests?

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Movies from Olivia 
01:07am 05/05/2005
  Olivia sent me a couple of movies to post for you guys. (The titles are hers, not mine :D)

Idiot playing in the surf (6.7 MB)
Sunset at LaJolla Cove (3.2 MB)
John watches some surfers (2.8 MB)


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Because I got the pictures up first... 
07:41pm 04/05/2005
mood: calm
Greetings to the readership.
Per request of our favorites wanderers, I bring you the following link:
This is the part where you click me...
LA - Day 1 contains pictures of my recent journey from Seattle to LA where I was fortunate enough to meet John and Olivia and partake in the time honoured ritual of Drunken Wandering.
I'm sure their pictures will be up eventually, but this is a small taste of our evening.

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Cause I can never get John to do photoposts 
05:57pm 03/05/2005
mood: tired
Tijuana, LaJolla, San Diego and club pics from Quarantine in LACollapse )

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Happy May Day from hveswrdwiltrvl! 
03:26pm 01/05/2005
mood: amused

The link didn't work...so you have to do it your damn self!!!!

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A weird bunch of photographs 
03:04pm 23/04/2005
  The OC YO!Collapse )

Well I'm trying to catch up with photos, next batch should be San Diego and Tijuana. Better photos too

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We've gone internacional! 
10:23pm 21/04/2005
mood: sleepy
So today we hit Tijuana. The town seems to be built for American tourists to buy booze and go to the farmacias. If only we had our big book o' drugs, mayhap we might've partaken. Now we've checked out half our own country and ventured into another.

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SD in the house!!! 
05:49pm 20/04/2005
mood: chipper
Don't mind me...just kinda giddy. We finally made it to San Diego!! I'm even in a hotel across the street from the one I stayed in the first time I came here :D.

We'll be here for two days and then for the weekend we'll be heading back to Santa Ana to hit the beach...although I might try to partake of some surfing lessons here.

But I do believe that tomorrow we'll be heading to Tijuana.

South of the border down Mexico way....

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Let's play where's John and Olivia and Waldo 
01:34am 20/04/2005
mood: amused

Pics found on some guy's site from the A23 show


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The first half of our OC visit 
12:42pm 19/04/2005
mood: cold
West Side!Collapse )

There is a small batch of photos left to post( Wumpskate, our hosts)...I'm trying to wait until we head on over to San Diego to post them. From there we were thinking Utah, Colorado (cause we've heard they have an AMAZING industrial scene), Kansas, Oklahoma...and to points south...till we get to North Carolina, where John's sister has offered help finding jobs and a places to crash.

See you soon guys...

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In the spirit of things.....since we're both in slightly better moods.. 
04:06pm 15/04/2005
mood: hopeful
San Francisco and San Rafael, AKA the redwood forests of Northern CaliCollapse )

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Posted at the request of zayden 
06:28pm 15/04/2005
  "California knows how to party on a friday night...in the industrial room. WTF?"

8.9 MB Video

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