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In the spirit of things.....since we're both in slightly better moods..

The obligatory shot of the Golden Gate Bridge.
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The first of John's family that I've actually met. His sister and her two adorable girl/boys. Both quite intelligent and cute enough to make you choke.
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See what I mean
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These are from the RedWood Forest preserve in Guerneville, CA. BIG BIG TREES.

See!! This is John standing inside one tree, not between two like it looks!
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Here's my mother getting all hippish and hugging das trees

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And this is what happens when you put city black folk in the woods with tall Scottish Rednecks :D

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It was the mother unit's birthday so she flew up for the week. Put us up in a nice place and fed us, in other words THANK YOU MARGARET and phil_quota he sent a care package via Margaret. You rock!

This is us partying at the Stinking Rose, a restaurant that makes EVERYTHING with garlic. For those of you that know me well there are three flavors I adore...salt, spicy and garlic!
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We don't look a damn thing alike!
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Of course we hit a club, and yeah were disappointed again. Highlights were, the pitcher of tap water with ice for free at the bar, multiple levels, and a dj willing to take requests like "This shit will fuck you up" :). The place was gorgeous, Bondage A Go GO, Wednesdays, in San Fran. Kinda pricey, but considering the amount of people we had be seeing at clubs, it was nice to be in a crowd again. The venue was awesome..if only they could fix the music and dancing. :/

A cage big enough to make nekotenshi happy! I even danced with the dancer, nice chick with a shaved head. Gotta dig bald chick with chains.
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I must miss home, look at this "crowd", and it was a fetish night too. The theme was ink.
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The place was really pretty, nice balconies to chill on too.
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Well I'll put some more up tonight or tomorrow. Next batch will consist of Orange County and Wumpskate.
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