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Have Sword, Will Travel

Zayden and Besmoted's Travel Journal

Have Sword and Car....Will travel!!
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Today North America. Tomorrow, THE WORLD!!!

This is zayden's and besmoted's travel journal. We'll be hitting the road and have no idea where we will end up or if we'll ever stop. besmoted's noble steed, Carlotta has left the building!!!!!!!!

On this journal, you'll find pictures and blurbs from across the land between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, updated as often as we can get a wireless connection on which to connect to the mystical-magical thing called the internet.

Join up so you can send us comments, or just see small samples of what we've seen and be jealous or hey if you want to get in on the action, offer us a place to sleep! You won't regret it! We're pretty house-broken. Tips for travelling are also VERY welcome. It's our first big trip and we have a severe lack of funds. So links and directions to cheap eateries and directions to inexpensive cool sights are what we want from you in exchange for a front seat on our intercoastal hijinks.

States will Get Updated As We Cross 'Em

Wow, that was a long time ago. Well Unfortunately, Carlotta (may she R.I.P) never fully recovered from Road Trip 05 and we donated her to a good cause. Heidi, John's Escort, stood up to take the challenge of getting us from NJ to Montreal and back again.

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourCalifornia travel guide

This one's for other countries!

USA-Mexico-Canada-Germany(John)-Dominican Republic(Olivia)

create your own visited country map
or check our Venice travel guide

Help Keep Us Kooks On the Road.
Donate Some Gas and Toll Money!

7 Donations have been made, where's yours?!?!

Every lil penny counts :)

Message us if you have some useful links to add..

Interesting links:
http://www.hospitalityclub.org Found from hospitalityclub
http://www.gasbuddy.com Found by rivetkitten
http://weatherpixie.com Found by ironiccadence
http://csaa.kivera.com/csaa/driving.jsp AAA Driving Directions are wonderful
http://maps.google.com/ Maps/driving directions! By Google, highly recommended! Found by jdub
http://yousendit.com Found by rivetkittenSend large files that won't go through e-mail.

Add SmarterChild on AIM weather forecasts anywhere and traffic conditions.

The Weather Where We Are Now or Where We Just Came From:

Tijuana, Mexico Where we visited last
The WeatherPixie

UNION CITY, NJ Where we are now
The WeatherPixie

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA Where we are heading next!
The WeatherPixie

This is the link to our photobucket account. If you wanna look at all the photos without going through the journal posts you lazy bastard...http://photobucket.com/albums/v660/HaveSwordWillTravel/.

The password is the name of this community. Have fun.
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