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The first half of our OC visit

Upon arrival to LA/Hollywood we were greeted with Los Angeles's famous traffic we promptly found a motel (which cost way more than we would have liked) and chilled til night. This is in a shopping mall in the San Fernando Valley...really you can see

Can someone identify this car?
Image hosted by
Heck, we even found a club to go to...enter the Dungeon on Highland Blvd.

See that tall guy next to the weirdo in the gas mask(go figure, I think every club has one :)? Everytime anyone of us danced near him he kinda ran away. It was pretty disappointing.
Image hosted by

We appreciated the crowds and the fact that 75% of the DJs out here are women, but it was kinda weak It was still cool to go out though. This place is build in an old church too...sound familiar?
Image hosted by

The clubs here are all within a twenty square blk radius..weird huh? We've been to about 4 of them and it's basically the same exit off of the 101, as they call their freeways/not highways out here. Same thing with the "the". Freeways are always called "the (insert # here).
We saw the Mann theatre because the Aseemblage 23 show was next door. Also the shows out here are all ages..which really means anyone can go. So of course some assholes brought their kids along. WTF?! There was a 9 year old girl and a 13 year old boy and the father of the boy "thought" it was a good idea to be in the front row of the concert. Surprisingly enough, people really started dancing in the concert...heck the opening band wasn't even that bad. So yeah this guy started swingin at people who dancing near or into him because he was trying to keep his kid from being squished so he called he rather large friend over to him who promptly started body checking kids. NOT COOL! I was this close to seriously hurting this man after he tried to headlock John.
The moral of this story? Don't go to all ages shows in California or people shouldn't have kids or take them to concerts and put them in precarious positions. The funny part, the three VNV shows that are out here are all all-ages, except for San Diego. Sigh, but I digress.

The next day before we got in contact with angeladeluna we wandered round and found the...Image hosted by
COOL HUH! I've always wanted to see the tarpits! The elephant statue in the tar floats around! We have idea how he's being held up..he must be chained somewhere under the tar.
These are some on the bubbled that come up from the pressure under the tar! It's so cool/weird looking!
Image hosted by

I've no clue whose idea it was to built a grassy area and park around a tar pit on a seismically active area...but throughout the park there are random little tar pits that just bubbled their way through the nicely manicured mawns. When the get bad enough they build a fence around them like this
Image hosted by

Just to keep this from happening!
Image hosted by
"Oh let Bobby have his fun. What's the worse that can happen?" :) We were so waiting for him to fall in, yes I know. I'm bad, but some people REALLY should not have kids. Heck, his father offered to take this picture for us! :D

The reason that there is a difference in color between those tar pits is because they've had more rain in these parts this last year than in centuries!! The gray big ones have started retaining water that just chills on top of the tar!! In fact when we got really closem we saw a minnow swimming in the tar infested water!!! LIFE FINDS A WAY! Gah, I'm a a geek..

There is a small batch of photos left to post( Wumpskate, our hosts)...I'm trying to wait until we head on over to San Diego to post them. From there we were thinking Utah, Colorado (cause we've heard they have an AMAZING industrial scene), Kansas, Oklahoma...and to points south...till we get to North Carolina, where John's sister has offered help finding jobs and a places to crash.

See you soon guys...
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