The watery tart who lobs scimitars. (zayden) wrote in hveswrdwiltrvl,
The watery tart who lobs scimitars.

A weird bunch of photographs

This is angeladeluna. We met her through this community and we've been chilling at her house since we left San Fran.
Image hosted by This is her boytoy, Rob. Who's been helping us with car/computer stuffs.
Image hosted by

This is the local eatery(eg. The White Mana in JC, Gray's Papaya in NYC) It's called the In and Out. Am I the only one who thinks it sounds all sorts of dirty? Amusingly enough, it's owned by Mormons, to the point where the bottom of every cup has a bible passage on the bottom of it. Hopefully, I haven't been accidentally baptized. CAUSE THAT WOULD SUCK! I've a reputation to uphold...
Image hosted by

See Mormon Shake!
Image hosted by

Now see us pre-gaming for the A23 show. phil_quota and xeraphim should like this...
PINKY'S UP makes drinking Boone's out of the bottle FANCY!!!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Last big thing we did in LA was WUMPSKATE! The theme was ninjas, and we were two of the 5 people dressed up out of the whopping 25 that went. :)
Representing geek otaku pride?
Image hosted by
If you are a Naruto fan, you should get this one.
Image hosted by

Here's the rink
Image hosted by
A really bad photo of me doing the nice guy pose.
Image hosted by
Look at us go!
Image hosted by
And this, this is definately not me doing the backspin to the Ninja Turtle Rap. :p
Image hosted by

Well I'm trying to catch up with photos, next batch should be San Diego and Tijuana. Better photos too
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