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Cause I can never get John to do photoposts


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Now buy some drugs.
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That flag is 100 ft by 50 ft. Fucking huge, you can see if from the US side.
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On the way out
Image hosted by He really was taller than everyone there.
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I was actually kinda paranoid about taking my camera out in TJ. Besides the beggar that hit you ever 5 mins (especially the ones with little children) the other half of the time it was guys trying to get John into a strip club. We also weren't very prepared for leaving the country. We both completely forgot about finding out an exchange rate from dollars to pesos. We ended up calling khavren while down there to go online and get the rate for us. 11 pesos to 1 dollar! We saw piercing jewelry at piercing shops for like $5, and band shirts (The Cure, Smiths, Hocico) for $10. We didn't buy anything, and thankfully remembered not to drink the water. So we had Coronas...for $1 a piece. The food was bland and disappointing. In general, I am sooo sick of Mexican food and of course it's everywhere here in Orange County. They only check you on the way back into the US. Ask you what country you are a citizen of, what you wish to declare which they wanted to know everything. You can only bring a liter back of alcohol, so I was glad I didn't get the bottle of tequila I wanted for my mom. It was big and cheap. Ran into a shitload of Mexican kiddie goths and punks. We got dirty looks the whole time. WTF? It was weird, even the all the piercing punk shops on Revolucion Ave (the main shopping strip). On average it was educational, and really dirty physically and mentally.

John like San Diego. Iw as glad I had been there about 2 years ago with my ex and tried to learn how to surf, badly. We went to Mission Beach, near Sea World and chilled even though it was very overcast. First rain we had seen on this side of the San Fernando Valley and of course it was when we were at the beach.
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When we were heading back from SD to LA, we took the scenic route and drive past these gorgeous huge houses that were right on the coast and when I mean right on the coast.
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Nifty cove huh?
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I took this while I was on the phone with phil_quota and his new roommate. This is why I got off so quickly guys!
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Later than weekend, we hit a monthly event out here called Quarantine. I bitch on lagoth about the clubs being dead, so they send me here..where John almost got into a fight. Silly boys and silly Mexi-goths that dress like the crow.
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The clubs out here lack a lot, but they don't lack for female djs. More in LA than I've seen in my life. Here's of them totally macking on some girls on the dance floor.
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LA just seems to only have like 5 djs and they all do the same places. So I've heard the same ones multiple times already.

The one thing I will never get over about the LA/Hollywood scene?
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VALET PARKING and goth clubs in sushi restaurants.
Two great tastes that taste great together?
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