The nice guy (besmoted) wrote in hveswrdwiltrvl,
The nice guy

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WAGONS... east!

Alright, I think we're heading back eastward. Depending on what weather's like tomorrow, we may head to the beach one last time or head out. As of now I'm thinking we're gonna' drive pretty-much straight through across 40, maybe stop by my sister's for a day, and then up 95 (that's the Turnpike to you Jersey-ites). We'll find out. Wish us luck, and pray for Carlotta's continued health as we cross the no-man's land that is Texas and the South. I must say, the thing I look forward to the most is a good pizza and some White Mana burgers. Oh yeah, and going to a club where the people don't all rave.
Any souvenir requests?
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