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To Sin City Once Again

I made the reservations at the Sahara, right off of the Vegas Blvd Strip for tonight and tomorrow. $50 bucks a night plus tax, and a gorgeous Mediterranean themed pool. Oh god this is gonna be good, now if only I wasn't having severe allergy attacks.

We're heading home, hopefully not permanently. We met a lot of nice people and a lot of crazies on the way. Let's hope the route home is as memorable.

We have enough anime and enough new music to shake a stick at thanks to gangrel_83 and rivetkitten. dreamerdivine we are about to work on your magnet and there should be enough Pacific Ocean for everyone. If you want Romulan Ale, from the Star Trek Experience you have to call me today or tomorrow or friday early(my time) and realize that it's $15 a 6 pack. They sell seperately and it's prolly cheaper, I honestly don't remember, but you WILL pay me for this if you want it. John and I are picking up a pack for ourselves and my mother. You can either paypal me or give it to me when I give it to you, but I will get paid. :p

Other than that, I'll see you sooner or later. You'll have to text me or call me to keep in touch prolly. I think internet costs $10 a day I might do it so I can finish my torrents in Vegas :D
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