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The watery tart who lobs scimitars.

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Lying around in mah underpants feels so good.

Apologies about being MIA, but I write this from my ancestral apartment in Union City, NJ. We actually got home yesterday afternoon and we were promptly kidnapped by phil_quota to see Star Wars: George Lucas's high school play. I have many pics to post but I'm so not about to try and attempt to do it over dial-up. For some reason the wireless capabilites on our compy hasn't been working since we left Cali. Quite frustrating, we couldn't get online from Vegas all the way to Jersey, which really put a damper on a lot of stuff. So I'm gonna go back to sleep now, while John actually goes home for the first time in 3 months. Then later, I guess I'm gonna have to go back to Circuit City to see WTF is wrong cause I have to cancel aol the last day of the month.

Then tonight, hopefully the drunken celebrations will begin? There's already been welcome home party planning done before we got here. I feel so loved!

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